It is especially meaningful that I met Rachael over a decade ago when we were both teaching fitness in England. I’ve had the pleasure of teaching and taking yoga classes all over the world from Japan to Germany and I know an incredible yoga teacher when I see one.
Rachael is a joyous, experienced yoga teacher who guides her students with great care and awareness.
She is gifted, passionate, and she truly embodies what it means to share yoga. She is a light for others to find their best and most purposeful way.
Brienna Pruce

RYT-200, https://briennapruce.com/

Exercise aside from strengthening the muscles, heart and lungs, can be used as a tool to build a strong mind and a relationship with ourselves and our bodies based on love and respect.

I call this Intuitive Well-Being.

One of the most challening relationships we have in life is with ourselves, with the inner voice. Whilst we build strength we will also forge a mind that supports our journey.

Mindful exercise that combines agility, balance, strength and flexibility.

Healhy lifestyle coaching, how to transform your daily habits for lifelong results.

The power of meditation and using the breath to reduce stress & anxiety.

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