Yoga & Personal Training

Empowering you with the knowledge to live intuitively

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Mindful Exercise

Learning to listen to the language of your body, train intuitively & become your own teacher.


Mindful strength creates mental power & clarity whether it be through yoga, strength training or personal training.


Master physical & mental balance in an ever changing world.

Empowering you with tools to master lasting health & well-being

Training the body & mind in unison to help you find inner strength and peace.

Yoga, personal training and lifestyle coaching geared towards strengthening your body & mind and achieving optimal health & well-being in all areaas of your life.

Learning the power of commiting to yourself, taking responsibility for your emotions and overcoming the challenges of life to build a relationship with yourself based on love and respect.

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How do you relate to your body?

Hello, I'm Rachael Burns

As an only-child I became an astute observer of my inner experience & how I reacted to the world around me. I soon became aware of how my own beliefs limited me. Starting with the belief that I could never be fit, strong, flexible & certainly never truly love myself and my body. I wasn’t ‘that type of person.’ Having proved myself wrong hasn’t just allowed me to embody being ‘that person’ but, has given me the strength to surpass many mental limitations to lead me to a life I never imagined I could live.

Now living in Mijas Costa Spain I offer classes in person and online.

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