Yoga & Personal Training

Mijas, Spain

Rachael is a joyous, experienced yoga teacher who guides her students with great care and awareness.
She is gifted, passionate, and she truly embodies what it means to share yoga. She is a light for others to find their best and most purposeful way.
Brienna Pruce


Working with Rachael made me enjoy and look forward to exercising! We did a mixture of PT with Yoga. I soon felt a difference within myself and noticed a visible difference quickly too. She inspires me and makes me want to keep going with wellness and fitness goals. 

Lisa Flanagan


I have had Rachel as PT for 2 years almost every week & sometimes my husband as well. Rachel always makes new individual tailor made exercises for every session. Her skills & enthusiasm towards fitness & health is very motivating. I can really recommend her!!

Mirella Frehner

From PERSONAL TRAINING to PRIVATE YOGA and group YOGA CLASSES. You can train in person in Mijas, Spain or online. Together we will tailor-make your sessions, adding in lifestyle coaching where needed to help you feel healthy, fit and strong.

Sometimes what we need is a bit of guidance

An expert to help us move in the right direction, see visible results

Meet Rachael

Born in Cambridge, UK, Rachael has spent a lot of her adult life living abroad. Her adventurous spirit has taken her from Mexico to Peru, living and working as a volunteer in hard-to-reach places. Yoga, fitness and the healing nature of human touch have always been an integral part of her life. Her father a keen long-distance cyclist and traveller, she has taken up the torch and decided to dedicate her life to understanding how to both heal the body and the mind through movement and meditation.

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