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Is Power Yoga for me?

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Is Power Yoga for me?

Your 1st class is free so you can come and try the style. You can even join from home via webcam.

When joining this style of class it doesn’t matter if you can’t manage all of the poses, in fact that is the beauty of it; the journey of self discovery as we build strength & reconnect with the body.

The group is a mixture of abilities and ages, it’s a relaxed atmosphere where you can chat and get to know the other students and the teacher. Rachael creates an environment in which you can learn new moves, enjoy new challenges and, be a part of a family that practises yoga together.

What will I get from these classes?

Power Yoga combines your fitness training & mind training in one. We strengthen the body whilst improving agility all from a mindful perspective of listening to the body. We reconnect with the body so as to understand what it needs and centre the mind with breathwork and meditation.

Rachael Burns

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