Yoga in Fuengirola

Are you looking to practice yoga in Fuengirola?

Are you looking for yoga in Fuengirola that will challenge you, build strength, agility and balance as well as flexibility? Do you enjoy feeling strong and seek a focused, calm mind? These Power Yoga Classes with Rachael are desiged to challenge you, no matter what level you are – beginners to advanced.

Are you looking to practice group or private yoga in Fuengirola?

Group Classes

Meet other like-minded people taking yoga in Fuengirola. A friendly community that will help keep you on track, making it all the easier to make your health & fitness your priority

Private Classes

As a personal trainer, massage therapist and Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 500, I can guide you to taking your health, fitness & yoga pracitse to the next level. Be that hatha, vinyasa or power yoga.

Online Live Yoga Classes

Don’t miss a class. No matter where you are you can join us online. Combine in person & online to make sure you always stay on track.

January Timetable Yoga in Fuengirola
yoga in fuengirola

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I am a complete beginner to yoga, are these classes suitable for me?

The yoga class is adapted to all levels and the group is a mixture of complete beginners to advanced practitioners. Just as in a fitness class you don’t need to be able to do it all before joining, in fact it is good to join a class that challenges you! These classes do focus on strength as well as flexibility. Expect to sweat!

I'm not flexible, can I still join?

Contrary to belief, you don’t need to be flexible to practise yoga and in these yoga classes in Fuengirola we are a mixed group of beginners to more advanced practitioners.

Where are the yoga classes?

The yoga classes are offered in a beautiful studio between Fuengirola and Mijas called Studio FusiOM on Carretera de Mijas

You can visit the website here:

Studio FusiOM

and find the location on the map here: